Therapeutic Modalities


ICE/HEAT (97010) – Used to reduce swelling and inflammation and remove exudates. To sedate tissue and promote the healing process (Tissue regeneration via increase blood supply circulatory)

ELECTRIC STIMULATION (97014)- Modality for stimulating contractions of the involved muscles to break muscle spasms, pump swelling out of tissue, promote normal joint motion, and break down tissue adhesions.

MANUAL THERAPY (97140) -Manipulations, manual traction, mobilization, manual lymphatic drainage. Manual therapy applied to the soft tissue to increase joint range of motion, restore joint integrity and improve overall performance.

KINETIC ACTIVITIES (97530) - Instructions and home management training on proper sitting, icing, heat, elevation and exercise. Dynamic therapeutic activities include the use of multiple parameters, such as balance, strength, and range of motion, which are designed to achieve improved functional performance. Examples include lifting stations, closed kinetic chain activity, hand assembly activity, transfers (chair to bed, lying to sitting, etc), and throwing, catching, or swinging. Stimulation of the soft and hard tissue through joint movement and dynamic activity; the result is increased range of motion and improved joint integrity.

THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE (97110)- Therapeutic exercises to develop strength, endurance, range of motion and flexibility. Mobility maintenance and stretching through gently sustained muscle lengthening is an established therapeutic procedure to restore range of motion.

NEUROMUSCULAR RE-EDUCATION (97112)-Neural retraining is a promising therapeutic procedure designed at the development of neuromuscular coordination through the use of repeated, active movements under a variety of mechanical conditions in order to pattern the motor system for particular activities. Training on movement, balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense, posture and proprioception.

THERAPEUTIC ULTRASOUND (97035) - Ultrasound is applied using a transducer or applicator that is in direct contact with the patient's skin. Gel is used on all surfaces of the head to reduce friction and assist transmission of the ultrasonic waves. There are three primary benefits to ultrasound. The first is the speeding up of the healing process from the increase in blood flow in the treated area. The second is the decrease in pain from the reduction of swelling and edema. The third is the gentle massage of muscles tendons and/ or ligaments in the treated area because no strain is added and any scar tissue is softened

MASSAGE ( 97124) - Therapeutic Procedure, 1 or more areas, each 15 minutes; massage, including effleurage, petrissage and/or tapotement (stroking, compression, percussion). Massage is used for restoring muscle function, decreasing specific stiffness, reducing documented edema, improving joint motion by degrees, or for relief of muscle spasms.

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